Milk & Honey Lotion Bar - 4 ct

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Soothing sweet creamy vanilla and honey with a warm touch of almond. Natural solid lotion bar, made with organic shea butter and organic cocoa butter. If you've never used a solid lotion bar, it's so easy! Simply rub the bar against your skin. It glides on, melting just enough from the heat of your skin to moisturize with a silky feel. Absorbs quickly, not heavy and greasy, leaving nourishing protection. ♥ 4 (1 oz.) solid bars (about 2" diameter) ♥ Comes attractively packaged in a convenient metal tin ♥ Perfect size for travel or keeping in your purse ♥ Store in a cool place, not in direct sunlight Ingredients: Coconut oil, bees wax, organic shea butter, organic cocoa butter, tocopherol (vitamin e), fragrance. MSRP - $7.00